Oldenburg Industrial Park

What To Know:

The 353 Redevelopment Corporation has purchased 115 acres of The Watermann Farm located just south of Heidmann Industrial Park with direct access to Highway 100. The new park, financed by the City of Washington, will allow for flexible lot layouts for large and small projects alike with access to industrially rated utilities and infrastructure.



The Richard Oldenburg Industrial Park will be named after the City’s first Economic Development Director. Richard Oldenburg served the community for 26 years and during his tenure approximately 30 industries moved to or expanded in Washington allowing for the creation of upwards of 3,000 jobs. Washington is proud to honor Richard Oldenburg’s legacy with the region’s next premier industrial park.


The Richard Oldenburg Industrial Park land is listed at $60,000 / acre, with a commitment from the City that assistance in water, sewer, and road access will be available and that all Environmental review of the land is complete. Regional stormwater detention will also be complete.  Below are the available plats.